How CPEC projects are providing opportunities to young generation in Gwadar?

Coastal area of Gwadar is mainly considered as the less privileged specially for the locals but as CPEC projects being established & has been functional, the deprived youth of Gwadar… Read more

Bilquis Eidhi Served the Humanity

  Humanity begins from the heart and the heart leads to the mind. What if we think from our minds rather than our hearts but it’s in fact the true… Read more

How the decision of converting Govt. College of home Economics effected its programs?

  Q. What was CHE?The College of Home Economics, Lahore, was a joint effort of the Government of Pakistan, The Ford Foundation, and the Oklahoma A&M College Division of Home… Read more

Politics in journalism, worst trend ever!

Occasionally there is a backlash in politics, with recent revelations from opposition and government critics targeting Prime Minister Imran Khan, critics say khan rely on witchcraft to make important decisions.… Read more

Road to civil supremacy

According to the notification of ISI 2009/2010, the institution works under the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister has right to make any changes in constitution of institution. Director General… Read more

Iran-Azerbaijan conflict

The arrival of the Iranian army chief in Pakistan on the Iran-Azerbaijan conflict came as a surprise to most people Before commenting on this, it would be better to recall… Read more

Breast cancer in Pakistani women

Breast cancer is spreading rapidly among Pakistani women. The month of October is celebrated all over the world and across Pakistan as Breast Cancer Prevention to raise awareness about this… Read more

A hero for heroless nation

Ralph Emerson wrote in his classic poem … Not gold, but only man can make A people great and strong; Men who, for truth and honor’s sake, Stand fast and… Read more

The 400 fans gone wild

Another incident of harassing a woman. Another flurry of condemnation. Once again, some people blaming the victim, while others shouting ‘yes all men’. What’s happening in my dear homeland. Why… Read more

USA replaced Taliban with Taliban, after 20 years and trillions of dollars.

USA replaced Taliban with Taliban, after 20 years and trillions of dollars. It was bound to happen. A total collapse of foreign-supported regime in Afghanistan. You cannot occupy a land… Read more