How CPEC projects are providing opportunities to young generation in Gwadar?

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Coastal area of Gwadar is mainly considered as the less privileged specially for the locals but as CPEC projects being established & has been functional, the deprived youth of Gwadar are sensing some hope for their better future.

A recently completed project under CPEC in Gwadar is the Pakistan China Vocational Training Institute, which is providing free of cost professional trainings for the local young girls & boys.
More than 50 female students are going to pass out for Pak China vocational institute in the first batch, which is offering various courses of Technical & digital profession training.
Jamati Habibullah, who is currently completing a six-month course in office management at the Pak-China Vocational Institute, has said she is the only girl from her family who is going to college for her education.
Jamati Habibullah lives with her parents and siblings in Naya abad area of Gwadar city. She said that in her family, her elder brother studied up to matric but due to limited resources, he had to left his studies & started to earn some livelihood for his family.
‘I am studying in first year at Girls’ Degree College Gwadar in the morning and in the evening, I am doing a short-term course of office management at the Pak-China Vocational Institute.’ She said.
Explaining her situation she said, ‘It was my passion to become doctor but due to limited resources I couldn’t be able to fulfil it. There was no medical college in Gwadar or nearby & my father couldn’t afford to send me to another city.’
Speaking about her journey to Pak China vocational institute she said, ‘early in this year I came to know about it, I passed the test and interview at the Vocational Institute and got an opportunity to get admission in office management course. After few months I realized that I have the opportunity to get job in any public or private sector.’
It’s a blessing for us, she said, ‘I was very worried about my future, I wanted to learn some skill to fulfill my needs & livelihood for my family, I don’t want to be dependent on my family. Now I’m hopeful to get any white color job after completing the course.
Jamati Habibullah’s father has grown old & with the passage of time he is unable to move around and become paralyzed due to old age. He said, ‘He is a proud father & always encourages her daughter.’
68 years Old Habibullah said, ‘unfortunately due to limited resources I couldn’t give much education to my three sons, but my daughter has the opportunity to learn new skills & I’m supporting her to stand on her feet.’

Students will get an opportunity to work in China

The Pak China Vocational Institute completed this year with the cost of 2.3 billion rupees, including 98% of cost Chinses government grant.
According to the project director Sohail Asghar, initially six months short courses are being conducted in various fields to provide employment opportunities to the youth of Gwadar in the different development projects here.
He said ‘institute aim is to provide an opportunity to local youth & make them skillful, that’s why we are offering free of cost courses for the locals.’
‘Currently 130 students are doing various courses in this institution, including computer office management, cargo handling, Chinese language and other courses. Not only male students but also a large number of female students are studying in Pak China Institute. Out of 130 students, 45 students are included in the institution and 98% of them are local students of Gwadar.’ He explains.
Sohail Asghar is hopeful that, ‘In near future six-month courses will be extended to two and three-year diploma, which will enable the local youth to be employed in Gwadar Free Zone and Gwadar Port. While during the diploma, the students will have the opportunity to get the six months internship program in China.’

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