Bilquis Eidhi Served the Humanity

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Humanity begins from the heart and the heart leads to the mind. What if we think from our minds rather than our hearts but it’s in fact the true voice raised from the heart in our cruel society. Some so many children were left alone, thrown in the garbage, on the dark streets. For those innocent souls, Allah Almighty send their people to serve humanity.

Bilquis Edhi (late) was one of them. A lady was an infant, 28 years old ago Rabia Ban was abandoned in a baby carriage at the Edhi Orphanage, Karachi. After she was found, Bilquis Eidhi gave her a name, a home, and an identity.

Rabia Ban got scholarships throughout her academic career, went to pursue higher education in the US, did an internship in NYS Assembly, Bronx District Attorney’s Office U.S Congress, U.S Senate, and went to law school to pursue a master’s in Cyber Security and Data Privacy Law. Now she is currently serving as a Senior Privacy & Compliance Analyst at Nike.

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