Road to civil supremacy

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According to the notification of ISI 2009/2010, the institution works under the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister has right to make any changes in constitution of institution. Director General ISI could report to COAS & PM both.

An issue has been going on for some days now which has been portrayed as a battle in the civil and military leadership. That so-and-so wants it, so-and-so wants it … while it was not the case … it was not a matter of appointing or keeping General Faiz Hameed or General Nadeem Anjum or not. Some main stream journalists have made it a battle to appoint Anjum or not. They further confused the nation by playing “My sources” stories everytime. Meanwhile Opposition parties, who are always ready to enter GHQ Gate No. 4 in the guise of beggars with their CVs, so that one night they may be overlooked, have been raising the issue without understanding the reality.

These intellectuals re-launched the same 3-year-old commentary on it, criticizing, speculating and predicting martial law, calling every other 48 hours important.

Well, That was not the case. If that was not the case then what was the point? Let’s look at what happened and why…

The practice that was going on till 2019 was that the Army Chief recommends a name for the appointment of DG and the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Army Chief issues a notification of his appointment. There are two things that go into government offices, “practice” and “rule”. Practice means let what is going on, continue as it is and the role is what is written in the act or service rule. For example, there is a pamphlet called “Business Rules 1973” to run Parliament.

This time it did not happen. The DG’s notification procedure or rule was not followed by the Army. And the ISPR sent a summary of the appointment of the DG to the Prime Minister’s Office without waiting for the Prime Minister to sign the summary or not. The ISPR issued a press release on the appointment of the DG.

In other words, there was no disagreement in the name of appointment of DG. Because the name comes from the office of the army chief. What is at the discretion of the Prime Minister is at the discretion of the Prime Minister. No one can take it away from the PM. In this regard, the Army Chief and the PM had a detailed meeting and agreed to remove any ambiguity in the procedure for the appointment of DG to avoid any untoward accident or rumors in the future.

So-and-so wants to appoint General Faiz Hameed, so-and-so wants to appoint General Nadeem, so-and-so is not in the mood to remove the DG. So he wants And more and more people started preparing for martial law and some started predicting that the government was just a guest for a few days. Nothing like this is going to happen. Whatever else happens will benefit the civil supremacy no matter who the DG is. The simple fact is that a procedure is being worked out for the appointment of DG so that no government has any problem in future.

Besides all, the thing that’s still not known is the fact that the appointment of new DGISI ain’t due at the moment, general faiz could retain his position for six months. This action was taken to make him eligible for becoming next army chief. Let’s see what’s hidden behind the curtain of time!!

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