Iran-Azerbaijan conflict

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The arrival of the Iranian army chief in Pakistan on the Iran-Azerbaijan conflict came as a surprise to most people
Before commenting on this, it would be better to recall some facts, the issues of which must have been discussed between the Pakistani and Iranian officials during this visit.
The special relationship between Iran and India dates back to 1994, when Pakistan wanted to raise the Kashmir issue in the OIC and seek a joint resolution from them. Arrived in Tehran. Some commitments were made and Iran withdrew from the resolution and put its weight behind India.
Iran then shifted its weight in Afghanistan to Ahmad Shah Massoud and stopped the Taliban, thus launching a proxy war in which Iran, India and Russia were on one side and the United States (to some extent) Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Gulf on the other side
Due to this proxy war, Iran made an agreement with India that in any Pak-India war, it would provide bases to India so that India could attack Pakistan from both sides.
At that time, Pakistan understood the importance of Azerbaijan and joined hands with it. That is why Pakistan never recognized Armenia. And Azerbaijan has since fully endorsed and supported Pakistan’s position on Kashmir.
Seeing the possible balance of power shifting in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan launched a war to withdraw Karabakh from Armenia, in which Israel, Turkey and Pakistan sided with Azerbaijan. Refrained from taking any action against Iran.
Seeing the opportunity after the US withdrew from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan took the step and said that it only stopped the trucks of Iran going to Russia (ie closed only the North-South corridor through which India also intended to pass but Iran also blocked it). However, Iran’s position is that there are Israeli military bases in Azerbaijan. This could not be confirmed by any independent source. However, it was learned that there are Israeli spy bases in Azerbaijan from which Israel can launch an air strike on Iran’s nuclear program so that Iran can reach Iran even before the US nuclear talks begin. Nuclear capability has been blocked and a standstill agreement has been reached.
The possibility of Israel having a military base in Azerbaijan cannot be ruled out. If it does not exist now, it could happen in the future. This is the sword that is hanging over Iran’s head.
That is why Iran turned to Moscow and Islamabad to settle its dispute with Azerbaijan. After the Iranian military chief, the Iranian foreign minister is also expected to visit.
It seems that Iran is realizing the new power equation in Asia, so it turned to Moscow and Islamabad. It is hoped that matters will be settled with the brotherly Islamic country because the speech of the President of Azerbaijan is meaningful.
It is not appropriate for a Muslim country to side with a non-Muslim country (India and Armenia) against another Muslim country
This was the basic condition of the President of Azerbaijan. We also welcome this policy and consider Iran’s potential to become part of the proposed Asian security plan, called Asian NATO under the SCO, with an understanding of the power and political equations in Asia. It is hoped that the brotherly Islamic country has realized that Asia is not the Middle East at all. Taking a solo flight here is an invitation to disaster. And to base or promise a non-Muslim country against a Muslim country is further destruction.
In any case, we welcome our Iranian Muslim brothers to this new possible change policy and hope that they will soon be able to make a clear decision, free from hesitation.
Now what has this got to do with Kashmir?
Needless to say, just look at China’s pressure on India’s borders and consider the failure of Sino-Indian talks in Ladakh and the situation becomes pretty much clear.

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