Education system needs attention!

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No nation in the world can develop unless it improves its education sector. History bears witness to the fact that only those nations in the world have been able to maintain their existence who have understood the importance of education and have adorned their new generation with this ornament. Every welfare state has a responsibility to provide the best educational facilities for its future architects.

Unfortunately, Pakistan lags far behind the rest of the world in the field of education. The education system in our country is in a very poor state and even now the same educational structure established by the British is in force in our dear country through which we can only produce clerks. As a result of this deterioration in the education system, today we are lagging behind many developing countries in the field of science and research. Pakistan still has a class education system, with O level and Cambridge schools on the one hand, which can only benefit the children of the rich class, and government schools on the other, which belong to the poor class. They are within the reach of children, but everyone will be well aware of their plight.
Most of the government school buildings across the country are in a dilapidated condition and many schools do not even have seats for students, while many government schools are still without teachers. Due to the lack of facilities and poor quality of education, even the brightest students belonging to the poor class lag far behind in the field of education. Due to the same difference in the educational standards of the rich and the poor, the student belonging to the poor class is deprived of advancement, as a result of which the O-level and Cambridge class dominates the whole country. Problems are underestimated and they are not capable of solving them.
Education has also become a source of business in the country, while many private universities, colleges, schools and coaching centers charge high fees from students, which is extremely difficult for middle and poor middle class parents to afford. Not only that, but small private schools are rampant in the streets of every city in the country, while the poor quality of education in public schools often forces parents to send their children to private schools, but these schools The situation is not very satisfactory. Most of these private school owners do not pay much attention to the qualifications of the teachers but keep the less qualified teachers on very low salaries in order to make more profit. That is why most private school teachers are unable to teach students the curriculum.
One third of Pakistan’s population lives below the poverty line. In this age of high prices, where it is extremely difficult to make ends meet, parents cannot afford to pay a hefty fee for their children’s education. As a result, most of the talented students from the poor class are unable to continue their education and end up looking for a job.
Students are taught a different curriculum in each province of the country. While most of the private schools in the street coaches have a separate text board for each school, the separate curriculum in each province has led to a decline in national unity and harmony.
To make Pakistan a developed country in the world, we need to implement reforms on urgent basis, till the date single national curriculum hasn’t been taken by private schools & sindh government already refused to go with it. It’s need of time to increase the budget allocated for education by five to ten percent. On the other hand, there is a need for legislation in Pakistan to prevent private educational institutions from charging exorbitant fees and allow them to collect only officially agreed fees from students.A uniform education system shouldn’t be a dilemma anymore, so as to unite the divided nation and eliminate class divisions. In addition, the quality of all government schools and colleges needs to be improved, so that poor students can get a better education and play their role effectively for the betterment of Pakistan.
Improvements are required in the field of science and research to let Pakistan be included in developed countries. Nations that neglect the field of education lose their identity and find it difficult to sustain their existence in the world for long.

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