Noor Mukadam Case: Another angle of the story

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A lot has been written and said about the case of Noor Muqaddam. There are those who have blamed the victim herself while others have pointed out serious issues in our judicial system. Some have blamed all men for violence against women while others are trying to say not all men are the same. However, I want to draw the issue towards another angle of this story.

This crime didnt happen in a few minutes or seconds. It took hours and days at stretch. And the most problematic part is that people near and around the crime scene were aware of something happening wrong but they chose not to intervene.

There were security guards, who didn’t do their job to protect the victim. They didn’t even inform the police despite the fact that Noor came into their cabin for seeking refuge. The security guards simply ignored the cries and pleas of the victim.

What was going through their minds? Were they more concerned about their jobs being lost if they intervened to save the life of a girl? What were the parents of the murderer doing. When the father was finally informed, he simply ignored his own responsibilities.

Its a prime time that we should discuss our responsibilities as citizens. We cannot point fingers on others while keeping a blind eye towards our own attitude. It is the responsibility of a citizen to inform the police if he or she observes any crime being committed.

The mindset of ‘its not my job’ and ‘Its not my problem’ has destroyed the fabric of our society. A lot of crimes happen in daylight in our presence and we do nothing to stop them despite being able to act.

Final resting Place of Noor Mukaqam in Islamabad. Photo Courtesy: Azhar M Khan

According to the stats, 1122 receive 90% fake calls in Punjab. People simply don’t take the rescue service seriously.

Its a sad news that our civic sense has not been developed whatsoever. In a civilized world, neighbours, subordinates, people walking on the streets would draw attention of the authorities of something going on wrong. It saves a lot of lives. It helps improving the safety and security of citizens. We should teach ourselves and our next generations to intervene when its necessary. Its our duty and its time that we should realize our duties.

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