Daughters, not burdens!

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Another woman was killed by her husband …

The husband, whose religion has commanded to fear Allah in the matter of his wife, treat her kindly, take care of her rights … But some people are so ignorant that they do not bother any rules or regulations, be it religion or state.
In a society where the law has become a joke, we keep on chanting slogans like justice for so and so on a daily basis. When a tragic event happens, there is a huge roar of voices for a while and then everyone forgets about it. Then the next day we again call for justice, for some new oppression story. It’s like Gog and Magog lick the wall every day but this wall of oppression is still there the next day.
When the federal government introduced a bill to prevent violence against women, everyone was hopeful that this would lead to lowering down domestic violence cases & would stop people from physical or emotional assaults , but the contents of the bill turned out to be in direct contradiction to the Shariah laws regarding family system, so the Islamic Ideological Council deliberately rejected that bill … It seems that no one wants to fix this society. In Sindh, where Domestic Violence Bill had already legislated, was it be able to save Qurat-ul-Ain from being beaten to death by her husband? How she’d taken refuge in law, who was already enduring every oppression to keep the shadow of the father on the heads of her children ??
This is a question that no one has the answer to because we already have Shariah laws regarding that, where husband and wife couldn’t share normal relationship and lack understanding or there is any kind of injustice, the wife can get “khula” from court but this society won’t allow such women to live peacefully. All sorts of accusations are made, their life is tormented, most of them are not even supported by their family members, they just teach the same lesson after marriage that now your husband’s home is your home, live and die there.
Ironically, this tragic incident is being attributed to the Domestic Violence Bill as if Qurat-ul-Ain’s husband would not have killed her if there was a law approved by federal government. No one is ready to understand that domestic violence will be prevented by promoting moral values and not just the law. Parents need to pay special attention to the training of their sons, teach them respect for the female, eliminate the mindset like women are their property or like shoes. On the other hand enable the daughters to stand on their own feet so that they can fight the battle of survival on their own, they don’t have to look back to their father and brothers, they don’t have to be rejected or neglected by their own family … Instead of spending millions of rupees on wedding ceremonies & dowry, invest the same money for your daughters, make them skilled.
Daughters are not a burden, there is no difference between those who throw them off as a burden and the Bedouins of pre-Islamic times who used to bury daughters as soon as they were born.
Qurat-ul-Ain’s killer has been arrested, maybe after many years of trial, he will finally be punished, but who will take the responsibility to protect all other ainees? Who will become the Messiah of those who are forced to endure physical and psychological torture in their homes day and night just because they have no other refuge?
Our society irrigates the crop of oppression, each individual has to play his role individually to stop this injustice, otherwise this barbarism of humans will continue to swallow the innocent souls !!

Syeda (المسلمہ)

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  1. Nice Article, domestic law should be implemented and laws should be made to make it accessible for women. Counselling and protection should be provided to make right decision at right time, before it is too late

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