The changing battle grounds

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Latest developments in global politics has reminded me Homer, the ancient Greek poet who was blind but a visionary person. He had seen with his own eyes the destruction caused by the lust and greed of the rulers. Homer saved the devastation of the Battle of Troy, fought for ten years for Helen, Europe’s most beautiful woman, in the form of his world-famous epic poems Allied and Odyssey for the lesson of the United Nations. After 3300 years of conscious evolution Even today the gods of the earth are slaves to greed and lust. After World War II, the United States emerged as a world power on the world map, but lust and power led it to seize the world’s resources. The United States, like ancient Greek mythology, laid the groundwork for the Cold War by throwing the “apple” of godliness. In this war fought in the name of religion, Afghanistan was turned into a battlefield. The United States laid the throne of the only superpower on the bodies of millions of Afghans. America’s addiction to power and its desire to seize the world’s resources has turned religion into terrorism, and its horrors have swallowed up 2.5 million people in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan, and the world is on the brink of disaster. There is a pain spread, a fire is burning to the point of gloom, smoke, there is no time and no people to seize the resources of the world. The ashes of this game of fire and blood have increased hatred against America and brought peace and prosperity. The bud sprouted in the form of a chain. China not only dreamed of the Silk Road project instead of seizing the resources of others for development and prosperity, but also encouraged the world to provide 7 trillion in investment to achieve a common goal of development and prosperity through bilateral trade. Also shown China has persuaded 167 countries to complete development projects and facilitate bilateral trade in transportation. It called for cooperation for common development by putting aside regional issues instead of hatred and war and offered India to join the mutual development project even in the face of border disputes. China wants to engage 167 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America in the form of 200 cooperation projects. When most countries of the world saw their own interest in trade policy instead of China’s war, the international community began to turn to China instead of the United States. This situation became a threat to the global rule of US allies. Began to put pressure on different countries of the world to thwart China’s BRI project. India dreamed of becoming Asia’s power over China. It also fueled conflicts with other countries, but the world’s poorest nations refused to give up the dream of mutual trade and common development instead of playing with fire and blood. Just as Iris, the goddess of mischief, threw gold to the cannabis at the wedding of the goddess Pelo and Thetas 33 centuries ago, so the development projects of 167 countries are the gods of today’s riots to destroy BRI’s happiness. The United States has now launched a “golden apple” in the form of B3W at the 47th G7 summit. The United States, along with its allies, wants to make a mockery of global development with the 40 trillion Gold Apple of Build back Better World (B3W). A senior Biden administration official has claimed that the 40 trillion plan to deceive the world is not to compete with China’s Belt and Road project but is an alternative development plan. It did not say what the United States and its allies would do to “make the world a better place.” Why did the United States think of global development after throwing 26 trillions into world wars? What better alternative to China’s mutual development plan than to reduce the distance and increase bilateral trade? If America’s goal is really a “build back better world”, then why don’t the United States and its allies end their poverty and backwardness by adding 40 trillions to China’s 7 trillion project. But that would require abandoning the policy of usurping the resources of others, completing the infrastructure for the development of poor countries and promoting mutual trade if the United States and its allies wanted to help poor countries for a better world. Then why to replace China why not they go along with China? China has also invited its worst enemies, including India and the United States, to promote development and prosperity through the promotion of bilateral trade. At the summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of development projects in Africa and Asia under the B3W, as if the world that the United States and its allies had previously destroyed for their own interests is now rehabilitating for world governance, that’s a new dilemma.

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