Beasts in religious garb!!

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Watching out the recent events & disturbing news of child molestation in religious educational institutions, the mind has gone numb and the arguments are completely nullified, how the religious clerics who consider obscenity and pornography as the cause of increasing rape cases in the society, are themselves found to be involved in sexual crimes. The role played by Maulvi in ​​defaming the religion could not be played even by Jews and Christians. It is beyond comprehension how those who sit on the “minbar” and recite the commandments of Allah can forget about the commandments of Allah!

Some people justified that by putting a lame argument like the thief goes to steal in the same house where he is expected to get something. In the same way, the devil seduces the same person in whom the religion is firm, as if worshiper & non worshiper are the same. Religion in the heart is also in the clutches of Satan and he who does not believe in religion is also in the clutches of Satan, then what is the difference?
I am absolutely disappointed over the disgrace and disrespect of madrassas from where people learn Qur’an and Sunnah, from where the light of knowledge was supposed to spread but now videos are being uploaded on porn sites.
If this continues, who will send their children to madrassas? Every child studying in a madrassa will be looked upon with suspicion and then what will be the psychological condition of the children who are sexually exploited by the teacher who teaches the Qur’an and Hadith? What will they do next? They’ll either become predators or psychopaths who would take their revenge by further exploitation
The role of the federation of madrassas (wifaq-ul-madaris) in this regard is very disappointing that no disciplinary action has been taken on such complaints. State laws have their place, but for such matters, religious educational institutions should have their own code of conduct, so that the teacher or student who receives a complaint shouldn’t be expelled from the madrassa only but Shariah law should be enforced on them!! If only those who teach religion do not implement religion, then how can an example be set?
There’s another video circulating in which a so called molana was defending this ugly act by saying that such acts were also done by the Sahaba, I am just speechless how to condemn those who are playing with the religion of Allah, commit a sin and then lie on the Qur’an to defend it, slander the Companions, How can they justify this? their hearts do not tremble, they do not fear God, they are literally leaving the bani Israel behind…
And then look at the behavior of this nation. They badmouth madrassas and ulema, but they do not demand the implementation of shariah punishments. There is so much sexual oppression in the society, but no one takes to the streets to protest. No one is trying to stop this oppression. If so, should it be considered that everyone is in the same boat? Either religious or liberals …

If the people’s trust in madrassas is to be restored, the federation of madrassas will have to take concrete steps. That such cases should be dealt with iron fist and the guilty teacher or student should be severely punished so that no one would dare to commit such a heinous crime inside masjid or madarsa, otherwise everyone who remain silent over this issue would be considered as their partner in crime.

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