Brain drain of Muslim nations

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A few days ago, the US space agency NASA ushered in a new era in space history when it successfully flew a small helicopter over the surface of Mars. It was the first electric-powered flight to be controlled from another planet 225 million kilometers away. Engineer Loay Elbasyouni
played a significant role in the great scientific development that grew in the Gaza Strip, which is still being bombed by Israel.

Loay went to the United States for studies, He got a job at the aerospace company, Ignatius, which offered him a job with NASA’s pilot project to build a plane to fly to Mars. The helicopter was developed with the ideas, conceptual documents and construction efforts of Loay and his colleagues. He served as Ingenuity’s electrical and power electronics lead, including responsibility for the propulsion system. This included designing motor controllers, inverters, servo controllers, motors, and signaling systems. The world became very interested in the news of the helicopter that NASA launched on Mars with great enthusiasm. NASA called it a major breakthrough in the Mars project. In this regard, it soon became clear that the creative mind behind the helicopter belonged to one of the sons of the Muslim Ummah.

In this context, a team of Pakistani students from the renowned Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) of Engineering and Technology defeated Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University in Aeronautics & Astronautics. These students surpassed the students of both the educational institutions. The US Embassy in Islamabad also commended the students for their outstanding performance against MIT and Stanford in aircraft and flight design and construction.

The issue of the transfer of creative minds from the Muslim world to the Western world, also known as the brain drain, has been plaguing the Ummah since its last ideological state. , The Ottoman Caliphate came to an end. It is no secret to anyone with insight that this shift in creative minds is due to political turmoil in Muslim areas and the resulting economic downturn. Thus, the most capable Muslims move to the West in search of opportunities to use their creative minds in various fields of science and knowledge. Whereas the only purpose of the governments in the Muslim areas is to either fill their pockets and bank accounts with the wealth of the Ummah or to present to the Western masters the precious resources, minerals and wealth of the Ummah which the West Multinational companies steal cheaply. Then the West sells back to Muslims, these items at many times higher prices based on their lost resources.

That is why when we look at the statistics of Islamic minds moving from the Muslim world to the Western world, we are stunned. For example, one-third of brain transfers from developing countries to Western countries come from Arab countries alone. 50% of doctors, 23% of engineers and 15% of scientists from Arab countries move to Europe, the United States and Canada. Of the doctors currently in the UK, 34% are from Arab countries alone. About 75% of those who emigrate from Arab countries go to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The figures also show that 7,350 Iraqi scientists moved to the West between 1991 and 1998 as a result of US sanctions on Iraq.

Similarly, in the first three years of the US occupation of Iraq, between 2003 and 2006, 89 Iraqi university professors were killed. According to the Arab Labor Organization, only between 2004 and 2013, ten years. 450,000 graduates from the Arab world moved to the United States and Europe. In addition, more than half of the Arab students pursuing higher education abroad do not return home after completing their education. As far as Pakistan is concerned, the number of Pakistanis living in Western countries is also very high. According to sources, in 2013 alone, more than 300,000 Pakistanis, who were educated, experienced and skilled, went abroad for work.

During a recent visit to a medical center in the southern French city of Marseille, when French President Macron asked doctors in the center’s laboratories about the areas from which he came, he was surprised by the answers of several experts. Those who said: “I am from Algeria”, “I am from Tunisia”, “I am from Lebanon” and “I am from such and such a Muslim area” etc.

These and all such statistics indicate that the rulers of other Muslim countries, including Pakistan, have completely failed to create significant opportunities for science and other such sciences in their territories. It cannot be blamed on those who migrated abroad in search of better opportunities because it is a requirement of human instinct that he strives to improve his life to the best of his ability. But if his goods are in his own country
So no one needs to move abroad.

Apart from these pro-Western Muslim rulers, the West’s own policies towards Muslim countries are also a major reason for the backwardness of Muslims. The United States supports and sponsors this Jewish entity with dangerous weapons, which is being used against the family and people of this helicopter’s Muslim creator elbasyouni . In the Western world, which is headed by the United States, the most capable sons and daughters of Muslims in the fields of industry, technology, engineering and medicine have done thousands of things through their research work in universities. But despite this, the West, in turn, is attacking and killing Muslims all over the world.

Engineer Loay Elbasyouni and the team of students of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute are just two of the countless examples. The abilities and talents of the Ummah are as clear as day. All it needs is an Islamic ideological state to use its vast potential for the benefit of the Muslim Ummah and all of humanity. These capabilities can be used to build an Islamic state that is also in the field of space research. Be at the forefront and make people’s lives comfortable and secure by satisfying them, instead of wasting the potential of the ummah and using skilled Muslims for the benefit of the Western civilization that harms humanity. ۔

Former Hewlett-Packard (HP) CEO Carly Fiorina commented in 2001, “Once upon a time there was a civilization that was the greatest civilization in the world … And inventions have taken this civilization further than anything else. Its architects designed buildings that were free from the effects of gravity. His mathematicians created algebra and algorithms that led to computer construction and encryption. His doctors examined the human body, and found new cures for the disease. Its astronomers looked up at the skies, named the stars, and paved the way for space travel and exploration … The civilization I am talking about was the Islamic world from 800 to 1600 AD, in which the empire The Ottomans and the courts of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and enlightened rulers like Suleiman the Magnificent.

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