The flowers that withered without bloom

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December 16, 1971 is the darkest day in the history of Pakistan. Today is the day when the country was divided. Nations learn from such tragedies but this is not the case here.

December 16, 2014 has become another dark day in the history of Pakistan.

In Peshawar, Terrorists attacked a school on innocent children who are called flowers. Who have days to play and jump, who have little desires. How could they know what a fight, a terror, a tyranny is?

Their whole world is just going to school in the morning and going home in the evening, making a mud house and playing with toys.

How those innocents could come to know that evil eyes have broken this holy country.

Who knows what kind of people are holding this country and making it hostage. How those innocents could know what crime they have been punished for ….

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Saad Maqsud

Saad Maqsud is a PakistanTribe's correspondent in Saudi Arabia. He tweets @SaadMaqsud

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