Kashmiri sincerity and our hypocrisy

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Syed Ali Gilani rejected the invitation of the Pakistan High Commission for Eid-ul-Fitr.

You meet Modi on the one hand and don’t even mention Kashmir, talk about Kashmir by firing your mouth to the extent of statements, but on the other hand talk about potato and onion trade.

Will the Kashmiri leadership always trust you? This is not the case at all. Put an end to your hypocrisy, Pakistani leadership, otherwise the people of Kashmir who are probably still living on the hope that they have a heartfelt relationship with Pakistan, will come.

Ali Gilani’s voice will become Kashmir and will not be suppressed in the slogans of sovereignty.

The rest of Pakistan’s military leadership is on the front line everywhere, but will the Kashmir issue be discussed only to the extent of statements or something else? When the heart wants jihad in Kashmir will happen? When the heart wants Musharraf’s U-turn policy will leave the people inside Kashmir helpless?

How long will we continue to make fun of the sincere love and struggle of the people of Kashmir and the blood of the martyrs?

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Saad Maqsud

Saad Maqsud is a PakistanTribe's correspondent in Saudi Arabia. He tweets @SaadMaqsud

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