Islam is the religion of peace and security

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Islam does not allow anyone to become an executioner himself and the judge himself. Anyone who does such a thing should be punished. This distorts the face of Islam.

After burning a Christian couple alive in Kot Radha Kishan, The unanimous reaction of the Pakistani Scholars:
Every such incident should be condemned in the strongest terms. Islam teaches every conscious human being and Muslim to love humanity and the value and importance of human beings. As much as Islam does no other religion in the world places special emphasis on the rights of minorities and the meaning of the Hadith Mubark of Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon Him) is that: He who kills an innocent person is as if he has killed the whole of humanity. The purpose of this whole premise is that Islam never teaches anyone to do such things and express their feelings in such a way. All conscious people demand that the culprit be punished severely but after such incidents a section in Pakistan starts jumping a lot.

This is the class that is crying out for the rights of human rights minorities and a bunch of stinking women and men in the guise of so-called human rights organizations. Who are using these incidents as a basis for Islam, scholars and religion. Targets the country’s blasphemy law and demands that all such laws be repealed. Human rights are at stake. These are the same people who are the human rights of innocent children killed in drone strikes in Waziristan. These are the people who think that the United States has rained down fire from the sky in Afghanistan, buried countless people alive and destroyed their families. There is no such thing as human rights. They raise their voices against it, whether it is an Israeli attack on Palestine or a violation of human rights in Kashmir.

What are these human rights, that are only visible at the time of any incident that could target Islam or the Maulvi? While Islam commands the protection of most minorities and the history of the world is a witness to this attitude of Islam, people came to Islam and accepted Islam. A woman from a so-called NGO, Farzana Bari said in the show that the Qadianis do not consider themselves safe from the removal of the law and the parliament should reconsider the blasphemy law. In response, a religious scholar Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer said that the perpetrator should be punished by death because he has distorted the face of Islam, but under the guise of this, the law should be condemned to end blasphemy and not to declare Qadiani a kafir.

There is nothing for a Muslim more than the love of the Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon Him) of Allah. They have a passion to die for it and the law of prophethood in Pakistan and the law declaring Qadiani a kafir reflects that, this is a country with an Islamic constitution, everyone here has religious freedom. He should practice his religion and worship within the limits set by him. We must severely punish those who misuse this law and if anyone insults, he should be handed over to the law.

The so-called NGOs that are wreaking havoc on the ulema will never see the condemnation of the ulema

Because they only have a problem with Islam and they want to end this law, which is a unanimous decision of all political parties and everyone agrees on this, so there is a need to eradicate intolerance from society.
People should be told what Islam says and what the rights of minorities are and if anyone misuses this law of blasphemy, everyone should condemn it without any discrimination and the so-called NGOs should also consider those who died in drone strikes, those who died in Kashmir, Palestine and Afghanistan as human beings.

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